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The 5.8 reincarnated server will launch on November 29! Download the 5.8 client and get ready now!
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Not Aion is home of glorious Player vs Player combat in the magnificent surroundings of the world of Aion.
Our vision of the game consists of fair and engaging PvP with just the right twist of PvE - without making it obligatory.

We support the 5.8 version of Aion, customize new features so that they fit Not Aion, and offer the best competitive environment you can possibly imagine.

A plethora of PvP modes including structured Battlegrounds, 1v1, Free-for-All, 6v6, Dredgion and more, custom-built PvE challenges ranging from solo to 12 players, a spectator system for learning from your favourite players, and everything available from our shop where you spend your Might earned from participating in PvP and PvE.

Not Aion's got everything that the player looking to be challenged desires. And if you think something is missing? The community has direct impact on future development through suggestions and discussion on our forum, so that great ideas end up as great features live on Not Aion.

Are you hooked? Then register an account—if not read some more and your every doubt will be forever gone.