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Download the 4.6 client from torrent here. If you do not have a torrent client installed, we suggest you use qBittorrent. If you can't download torrents due to network restrictions, please go here for direct download links.
Before attempting to log into the game, make sure you've already created an account. While logged into this website, a switch will appear at the top. Click the switch so it says 4.6 and lights up blue.

When the 4.6 client is fully downloaded, and you've made sure to switch your account to 4.6 mode, you can launch the game by running Play x32 - 4.6.exe from the main folder of the Aion client. This launcher is included in the client download.

Now you are ready to log into the game. Enter your account name and password, select the Spatalos server, create a character and you're ready to rumble!

If this is your first character, you start with a bonus of 5000 Might. This is the currency used for purchasing armor, weapons and various items on the server. In-game you will also earn Might and it can be spent in the Old School Item Shop!

Enjoy the fantastic PvP on Not Aion!

If you have camera issues (happens on Windows 10), then you should download the updated launcher files here. Once downloaded, unzip the archive and copy all the files into your Aion folder, overwriting existing files if prompted. It's important that you also copy the bin32 and bin64 folders.

Now launch the client by either running Play x32 - 4.6.exe or Play x64 - 4.6.exe for 32bit and 64bit client respectively. Make sure to always run Aion in fullscreen or windowed fullscreen mode - never just windowed!
— Not Aion 4.6 client.torrent
— Not Aion 4.6

If any issues occur during the steps, first make sure you followed them properly.

As a last resort go to our Support Forum and post a thread detailing what is happening.

It's a good idea to put a screenshot if you get an error message.
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7.0 US [EN] Tiamat