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According to EU law, we must inform you, the user, about how we use cookies to enhance the user experience on and the associated
We do not collect or store personal information in any way. The cookies are locally stored information on your own computer or device.

We store cookies to remember your server selection, so that you don't have to make this selection every time you enter the website. We also store cookies to remember any dismissed notifications - this is so you only have to see and read notifications once.
When you select Remember me when logging into the website with your user account, we store a cookie that allows you to seamlessly log in from the same computer or device on future visits.

When selecting the option to automatically log in to our forum, a cookie is stored in the same manner as the Remember me option on the main website. This cookie is used to identify your computer or device on future visits and automatically log you in.

Using Google Analytics, we collect anonymized, non-personal information to analyze usage of and the associated to provide the best possible user experience.

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